A Good Website promotes a good first impression

good website

A good first impression can make you, A poor first impression can make you poor,,

Dukes Internet Media offers professional website services, focused on client success and a good first impression. “Your company’s website success is our goal and part of your company’s success is how your company is represented on the Internet and in Social media.

A Good Website will promote a good first impression

I believe first impressions are powerful, Internet trends come and go and when they go you must change with them. Sites that remain old-looking and obsolete will not promote a good first impression. But there are many other reasons to redesign your site. Some of the reasons are obvious, some aren’t. For example when people decide to hire a pest control service or a pressure washing company, more and more of us are visiting websites to help to choose the new service. They look for reviews and recommendations Information presentation becomes important to them. Finding the information they are looking for is their primary reason for their visit. Flashing graphics and visitor counters used to be impressive, but are now viewed as distractions and look stale and old fashion. A sure sign of website neglect can translate into a harmful First Impression.

Managing your website in-house, may lead to neglect as the novelty of web site control wares thin. We would like for you consider our website management services. An efficient and inexpensive way to have your website stay relevant and in touch with today’s technologies with First Impression as its goal.

You may have need for a Re-design of your old website.

Whether you choose a complete overhaul with new design and new information presentation.  HTML 5 responsive design (mobile ready or any size screen),  CS3 retina ready text, with High-Definition logo and be Social medial ready, or you just need one of the following for your old site, we’ll do it for you.

  • You may have new products or services you would like added
  • Your tastes may have changed
  • You may want to update the look to a more modern or professional look
  • You may need some bugs fixed or the navigation simplified or changed
  • You may want to tie in to or match a new marketing campaign
  • You may want content changes
  • You may want your logo redesigned or updated
  • Need a few new pages, or get rid of a few

Most of us want a good website at a low-cost (One, Two, Rule applies).

When you design and build your own website, do you save money? Yes.

Do you save enough money to compensate for the lack of a good presentation? No

I can save you money on website design and deliver a good website.

Today you Freelance website designers are a really good value. Most of us work out of our homes or have small offices with very little staff. Here’s one way I save you money. I belong to a small group of professional designers and database experts. This affiliation enables me to use their services when I need them thus saving you money by me not paying a staff when I don’t need them.
Done right , a website can be your most powerful, most cost-effective business tool. Done wrong, it’s a waste of time and money, and can be a giant negative for your business image.

You only get one chance to make a good first impression! Let me insure your online presence matches your company product or service reputation with a good website.