About Us

Mike Dukes founded Dukes Website Design Studio in 1999, as a testing ground for new software and tech. I discovered a passion for web design right from the start. I honed my craft over the years and I recently spent three years working with top rated SEO companies. Our goals haven't changed but our name has. The name of my company has been officially changed from Mike Dukes Design Studio, MDDS, to Dukes WordPress WebMaster Service, DWWS.

After working with shopping carts, I longed to build a website using a content management system or CMS. The ones that I knew about at the time cost thousands of dollars. Then I heard about WordPress and a few others. I tried Joomla and WordPress and decided on the very awesome WordPress platform.

My son Tyler and daughter Lacey are my talented partners, this assures Dukes WordPress Webmasters will survive and grow into the future with tech and flare.

Tyler's specialties are WordPress and the Magento Shopping Cart, SEO, XML Sitemaps, plus Layout and navigation. Tyler is on the tech side with Computer Credentials from Columbus Technical College, Columbus, Ga.

Lacey Lee Hall attended classes studying Photography at Columbus State University in Columbus, Ga. Lacey is a twice award winning professional photographer now working with Life Touch here in the Southeastern US, but remains available when we need her.

Together we strive for excellence and awesome WordPress websites and WebMaster Services.

Website Creation

  • Adobe Fireworks
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Dreamweaver
  • WordPress
  • WordPress Plugins
  • WordPress Development Tools
  • Domain Hosting
  • Project Support

Mike Dukes

Mike Dukes is the founder of Dukes WordPress Wordmaster Services, is from South Florida, now living in Columbus, Ga with his lovely wife Nancy. While Mike loves, Word Press, Shopping Carts, and the Internet, he takes time out for his wonderful family and grandchildren, and to work in his beautifully landscaped yard.

Tyler Dukes

Tyler is an ecommercialist, WordPress guru and loves computers. If he's not working he is doing something with Raven or their three young boys. Tyler is very inventive and loves a challenge, and is always ready to take on a new one.

Lacey Lee Hall

Lacey is making a name for herself in creative photography. Lacey formed Lacey Lee Photography in 2008 and now works for Lifetouch traveling the Southeast US doing photo shoots. She has two major awards to her credit, 1st place Columbus Museum, and contest winner Chuck E Cheese's, photos appear in company brochure.

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