BF Reames Automotive of Columbus

BF Reames Automotive

BF Reames Automotive

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BF Reames Automotive has been a full service automotive repair company serving the Columbus, Ga area since 1921. BF Reames offers premium CPR (Car Problem Repair).

Website Redesign

This website is a redesign. The old site had it;s day, but had become stale and inadequate. The company wanted a new website to promote their social media endeavors. They use Facebook and use it well, but it didn’t link to their website. Now when ever they publish an article on their website it automatically appears on their Facebook page.

At this time they want to give managing their new website a try. In order to help new webmasters off to a better start, I am building a group of teaching sessions, on this DUKES website. Look for these lessons in the main menu under Customer Services > WordPress Instructions.

The BF Reames Automotive website is featured in Visit Historic Columbus Online Visitors guide to Columbus Ga.