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Search engine optimization

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

SEOSearch engine optimization (SEO), is the process of obtaining higher rankings for your keywords. Techniques that worked yesterday don’t necessarily work today. Search engines are trying to get a more accurate, relevant answer to our search questions. Site layout and proper use of graphics comes into play also through alternative text and placement. I have always […]

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copyright infringement

Avoid Copyright Infringement

Use your own material Here’s a heads-up. You are responsible for copyright infringements, and believe me there are some pretty unforgiving folks out there. It’s serious business to them. Additionally, if you copy text from another site, Google will penalize your site and the site you copied from for DUPLICATE CONTENT. The most common infringements are pictures. […]

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responsive website design

Need a Business Website

Discover the Benefits of Freelance Website Design! Why would your company benefit from being on the Internet. The world is changing every day. The 21st Century is definitely different. My children 28 and 27 years old don’t remember a time without computers. They use computers for everything. They don’t just use desktops anymore. Smart Phones […]

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