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Sample Proposal

Website Design and Implementation Agreement (sample)

1. This agreement is entered into on the date noted below between
Mike Dukes of Dukes Website Creation (“Developer”) and
___________________________________ (“Client”),

___________________________________ Address

___________________________________ City, St. Zip

___________________________________ Phone

___________________________________ E-mail

For the project described in Attachment I (the Proposal) .

2. Client employs Developer and Developer accepts employment to perform services described in Attachment I (the Proposal).

3. Client will provide or approve instructions to Developer as to the content, design and structure of the site. Such instructions shall be in writing and shall be approved by Client as final. Client warrants that all information and data furnished for the site complies with applicable law as to patent, copyright, trademark, and service mark non-infringement, that Client owns or has the right to use all such information or data, and that use of such information or data will not give a third-party right of action against either Client or Developer, or violate any law.

4. Developer will implement the site from the instructions furnished and/or approved by Client as final. Developer warrants that design and implementation will comply with currently acceptable internet specifications and will be viewable on the most recent browser versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome. Developer will not conform to older browser versions or non-standard user agents unless specifically requested by Client. Upon completion, Developer will deliver website to Client by File Transfer Protocol (ftp), live on the Internet.

5. Client will make an initial deposit as described in Attachment II (Financial Terms). The balance of all monies due shall be paid after completion of final instructions furnished by Client and prior to Client’s internet site being accessible to the public. Upon receipt of final payment to Developer ownership of the Client’s domain name shall be transferred in full ownership to the Client.

6. Disputes between the Parties related to this contract shall be submitted to binding arbitration, or at the election of the Parties to mediation, and neither party shall file any action against the other except after the completion of arbitration or mediation.

7. Client elects that Developer may include a byline and link on the bottom of their Web page establishing authorship credit. This byline is upon agreement of both Client and Developer and must be removed at any time upon written request by either party.

X________________________________________________ ( date ) _______________

Client: Authorized Signature,

X________________________________________________ ( date ) _______________

Developer Authorized Signature,

This document may change from time to time at the sole discretion of Dukes Website Creation, please check back and make sure you understand the most current information.