Claim your Free Blog Setup

Claim your Free Blog Setup

When you choose a free Blog setup you will enjoy the same hosting my other clients enjoy. Fast, reliable, feature rich servers. I will begin by taking your Domain name and change the nameservers to my hosting servers so I can install WordPress, the WordPress Theme and my recommended WordPress plugins. It will be ready to go blogging. Just login and go at it. I'll even throw in a free logo design, if you don't have one.

The difference is you pay $125.00 per year, that's just $10.42 per month for the hosting and WordPress limited support. You retain full ownership of your blog and you may move your free blog to another hosting service of your choice after the first year.

Your hosting charges must be pre-paid for your free blog setup. I will include a WordPress free Theme and a package of my recommended hand picked favorite WordPress plugins. If you select "a paid for WordPress Theme" I will install if for free after you purchase it.


You will receive limited project support through email or phone. You may upgrade anytime to full WordPress Webmaster support starting at $50 a month and for a low as $39.59 per month, at anytime. The more support months you purchase, the cheaper it gets. Or you may pay by the project or by the hour.


I'm offering a free blog setup. ALl you pay for is server space, hosting, I offer complete setup, ready to blog, and the features below.

Free Blog – Here’s how it Works

You Do This--------

  • log into and purchase your domain name
  • All you pay is Hosting [one payment of $125 per year] that's just $10.42 each month. (The big guys on TV will charge over $20 a month.)
  • Email me your GoDaddy log-in information

I Do This ----------

  • I will go in and set your nameservers for you.
  • Free WordPress Installation
  • Free Theme installation
  • I will install my recommended WordPress Plug-ins
  • I will install a Premium WordPress Theme.
  • You pay one full year of hosting at $125 at sign up (that's $10.42 per month)
  • Unlike other free blog or website setups, you own the site / blog, it's yours forever.