Happy Clients – Columbus Ga.

HAPPY CLIENTS, read what they say,

Happy ClientsLet me work for you as I do with all of my happy clients. Each of these clients had special needs for their websites. After talking to them I was able to determine what these needs were were, and I delivered. I love good clients. Hard work wins every time. Trying new things and pushing the envelope makes me a happy website developer.

Read what Sarah Rowe of Sarah Rowe Architectural Wood Carving has to say about her website.

Dear Mike,

Yes, all corrections have been made and the capitals look great – now round and full. Color and size are very good and the fuzz is gone. The site looks absolutely wonderful, I can’t stop looking at it. I can hardly believe that it is mine. It looks and says exactly what I want, and reflects the quality of my work. You are a genius, Mike, at design.

Will you send me an invoice? I will mail a check to you immediately, or deliver it to you, if you prefer. I am more than pleased and know that you have given me a great site for a very small amount. I will be eternally grateful.

I hope we will stay in contact: I really like you and Nancy. And then the squirrels . . . baby season is approaching – would the two of you like to raise a couple of babies this fall? I will have plenty to share!  I am definitely one of your happy clients.

visit the site

Tim Melvin of Clean Stream Pressure Washing writes.

Hey Mike,

I knew you were good, but me Phillip and I are really happy about the new site. We  didn’t give you much to go on, but you obviously researched the genre until you fully understood it. We are both please and get positive comments about the site regularly.

We are much too busy to run the site by ourselves so I’m enclosing a check for the first year to keep things going for me. I’ll keep taking pictures and you keep writing articles. Thank you for your hard work.

We are definitely one of your best clients.


See Clean Stream website

Now read what Frank Reames and Frank Reames III say about their new website,


Dad and I couldn’t be happier with the website. The new layout is great and easy to use. We are still debating whether to try running the website ourselves or getting you to run it. We love the way our website articles show up on our Facebook page, that’s really nice.

We will be in touch soon about running the site and Dad and I thank you for the work you did.

Frank Reames III

Reames Automotive.

“When you’re a happy client… I’m a happy designer”, Mike Dukes, and I’ll do what it takes to make you one of my happy clients.