Professional Custom Website Plan

Dukes’ Custom Website Plan is intended to be a Shopping site or a Directory site. Most of the features are notated in the table, so i won’t repeat those here. Below are a few extra things you need to know.

Shopping Websites, Online Stores

  • You must have your own suppliers in place before we get started, so contact suppliers of products, agree on pricing, find out what their shipping costs are and if we can use their product pictures.
  • A shopping cart website has certain pages that must be included; such as, checkout pages, check cart page, policy page including return policy. There are other required pages and more can be added should you require them.
  • You must set up a PayPal account and a shipping account. I can help you there.
  • When you ship, you must be able to determine the weight of the product to determine shipping cost. Decide whether you will be shipping free or charging. There are many combinations of shipping fee retrieval. I can help you there too.
  • After all the required pages are added I will add product listings (which are counted as pages until I reach the maximum page requirements.
  • Social ready means I will hook up your Facebook and Twitter account and put LIKE buttons on the site. You will need to set up your own Facebook and Twitter accounts. I can help you get started there too.
  • If you don’t have a logo I will provide a web ready, but not print ready logo for you. If we come up with a suitable design, you can have a print shop finish the design and give you a printable design for a nominal price.
  • You will need a physical address and a phone number.

Directory Websites

  • After all required pages are added I will add listings until we reach the agreed upon amount of pages.
  • If you plan to charge for listings you will have to have a bank account and a PayPal account.
  • You may want to add Google Ads to promoted advertising revenue.
  • After we talk and I know more about your site, I may be able to suggest revenue avenues.