Dukes SEO Consultant service


I will work with you using your material to boost your position in Google as an SEO Consultant. Remember I am first and foremost a WordPress designer, developer. I serve as an SEO Consultant which is different from an SEO Company.


What is difference between the two efforts. SEO Consultants allow for Do-it-yourselfers to shine. First thing you'll notice is the cost of the service. Consulting is way less expensive, you are lead through best SEO processes for you to do. While I to do some of the most important SEO as I build and populate each page or post. This is the best way to start out with a new website.


SEO Companies are generally just like other companies, with lots of employees and high overhead. I have spent up to $4,000 a month for a high-end SEO Company's services. The results were worth it, our site was doing so well, the owners eventually sold their online store to a competitor for somewhere around 1 million dollars.


The most important part of Search Engine Optimization is handled by me upfront. As I build and develop your site, I will optimize your page titles, article titles, page descriptions, and keyword use, to draw the positive attention of search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.


This comes only with time. From the date your site goes live until today is the age of your site. The longer your site has been up the higher your Google ranking score.


I will also help you understand the process of getting backlinks, which are actually referrals to your site from other sites. So far Google has only hinted that backlinks are no longer important and that they have plans to reduce the weight they place on backlinks in your ranking score. But for now they still carry a portion of the total weight, so we'll get a few if your material warrants them. Writing articles as a guest on another site and linking back to your site is also a great way to get a great backlink.

The best SEO Tips anyone can give you is, to write good original material and do the basic optimization.