WebMaster Services

For WordPress

  • Ongoing site maintenance
  • Site back-ups for easy recovery
  • Plugins & site updates
  • Yearly hosting fees
  • Domain renewal
  • Blog-site changes

My WordPress WebMaster Services

My WebMaster Services are complete from start to finish. I love working with people to bring another awesome WordPress WebSite to life. Patience and expertise make great websites.

WordPress WebDesign

WordPress CMS is a complete website solution. WordPress is versatile, powerful, and ranks well with search engines. WordPress is awesome.

Fast Hosting Servers

WordPress needs good fast hosting servers so it can stretch it's legs, so to speak. We have to let this big dog run!

Enjoy WebMaster Services

After your site is uploaded you may find yourself wondering just what you will do with it. I can continue as your $39.59 a month WebMaster.

Website Package Pricing

Choose the creative package that will best met your needs. Each of these site packages are scalable and will expand to accommodate creation of new information and more pages.

Magento Shopping Cart

Magento is the eCommerce software and platform trusted by the world's leading brands. Grow your online business with Magento! It is a complete program and I am an expert Magento webmaster.

Free Blog Setup

Love to have a Blog but would like someone else to pay for it. I'll build your Blog and include my favorite WordPress plugins, install WordPress and an awesome WordPress Theme. I'll even toss in a web ready logo.