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HOSTING CHARGES APPLY for Both Free Blog Setups and Paid Websites

While I am willing to do the work required for your free setup. Unfortunately hosting servers require payment. I have made arrangements with HostGator to accomodate your site at a reduced price. When you sign up for a free Blog setup you will enjoy the same fast hosting my paying clients enjoy. All the free website offers you see in ads or on TV require hosting payment, BUT, I don't host your site on a server farm with outdated server software, and equipment. I've used the premium services of HostGator since 2001 and they deliver the best value for the money. For hosting that will make your site run faster, be served faster by Google, Bing and Yahoo, and for your site to be recognized as a credible information source. You pay for one year of HostGator hosting. You retain full ownership of your blog, it's yours to do with as you please. Write articles, upload picture, and you may move your free blog to another hosting service of your choice after the first year.

When I Create a "paid website", your yearly fee is also $125 per year.
If you elect to have me manage your website your hosting fees are waived and are included.

Along with your free blog I set up your premium hosting. The only up-front charge is for one year of your website's hosting. I insist on excellent hosting so I can set up a professional blog/website with all the plug ins we need to make the site function as you and I desire. The hosting charges must be paid before I begin your free blog setup. I will include a WordPress Theme and a package of my favorite WordPress plug-ins.

I have a very nice selection of Premium WordPress Themes, but you are welcome to purchase a theme and I will install it at no charge. Just email the Theme to me as an attachment, or allow me to download it from the seller. We must agree on the Theme before you purchase it, please. At this point we will be in constant contact, so we'll work together on it

You pay a one year's hosting fee of only $125, that's about $10.42 a month when you break it down. That's a lot cheaper than the advertised TV specials of $24.95 or $29.95 a month.


You will receive an abbreviated form of my project support with your free blog. The learning curve of using and maintaining a WordPress blog / or website isn't a steep neverending climb. You'll find complete instructions on this site and If you don't understand something just contact me and I'll help you out. WordPress has full instructions and many video "How to articles".

You can't just paste a photo into your blog without preparation like resizing it and optimizing it for faster display. In order to optimize pictures you'll need a software program like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Fireworks, Here is a list of Free Graphic Software programs to download.

A standard moving fee of $50 per blog if you move, and you must make arrangements for a new host. There may be other fees involved depending on the situation and you other host. Some other Hosts may do their part for no charge, and some don't.

You will receive limited project support through email or phone. You may upgrade to full Webmaster support at $50 per month at anytime.

Awesome Hosting Features

Good hosting has to be more than just fast. Servers must be watched over constantly. Checked for viruses, spam, and security leaks, Software has to be updated and server speed has to be checked. It takes server tech savvy people to do this job.

Fast Servers

The Best Hosting

After your website is finished, you have an option to run it yourself, or hire someone to run it for you. I can save the the costs associated with hiring another employee. But If you plan on running your site yourself, here is some good news. You can rest assured that you will not be held back by outdated server software or neglected servers. This hosting is the same hosting I use for all my own websites.

I Do Not Provide Public WordPress Hosting

Currently I provide WordPress hosting only to my website clients. If you are going to start from scratch and set up your own site. I suggest you look around and find a good host. Your first year of hosting with me is free. After that you are free to move to any service you like. I charge $50 to change your name servers and A-record. Any other fees incurred will be passed on to you.

SSL Secure Certificates

SSL and Secure Certificates provide security for your website by encrypting communications between the server and the person visiting the website. It is required to be used on e-commerce sites when accepting credit card payments online. This option isn't provided as a freebie in our packages, but the set up is free. You pay the yearly charge for the certificate and they start around $50 per year.

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