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Progressive Inhancement

Progressive enhancement is a strategy for web design that emphasizes accessibility, semantic HTML markup, and external stylesheet and scripting technologies. Progressive enhancement uses web technologies in a layered fashion that allows everyone to access the basic content and functionality of a web page, using any browser or Internet connection, while also providing an enhanced version of the page to those with more advanced browser software or greater bandwidth. [courtesy of Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia]

Does that sound like something you or an employee would want to tackle? If your only goal for your website is "just to have one", then you probably won't need a professional WebMaster Service. But if you want to use your website to really promote your business and your company brand, you would benefit greatly from webmasters services.

Content Optimization

While building your website, we will optimize, SEO, your content to 100% efficiency according to Google Search. Building it right, from the start.

Monthly Site Maintanence

  • Site backups
  • Search Engine Submissions
  • Continued Content SEO
  • Software Updates
  • Free Hosting

KeyWord Improvement

Continuing research into your keywords and working with them to make site improvements.

Social Updates

Too busy to update your Facebook page? When you write a new article it will automatically placed on your Facebook page. The painless way to update your Facebook account.

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