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Sample Website Project Details “Attachment 1: (example)

This agreement is entered into on the date noted below between
Mike Dukes of Dukes Website Creation (“Developer”) and ___________________________________ (“Client”),

Website Project Details Example

HOME PAGE: Depicting people enjoying Example Co. Family Products. Complete navigation and previews of what is inside the site.
ABOUT US: Introduction to Example Co. Family Products.
• Production Care Certification USDA Inspected.

• Brief Company History and Traditions

PRODUCTS: Listing of eight (8) products with a brief description and picture of each. Complete with “Add to Cart” buttons.
SHOPPING CART: This page displays the items viewers have selected for purchase.
CHECK OUT: This page begins the process of buying the product.

• Takes credit card info (Only PAYPAL sees this information, Developer will need client’s PAYPAL login email in order to set up simple PAYPAL cart)

• Accepts payment and forwards the order on to you.

• A complete transaction record is provided by the PAYPAL payment Gateway.

CLIENT CONTROL PANEL: Enables Client to receive orders and process them.
MAIL ORDER FORM: Printable Form. Enabling mail orders.
CONTACT PAGE: Names, physical address, PO Box, phone numbers, email address.
POLICY PAGE: Terms and conditions on returns and spoilage.

PAYPAL account setup
First year of hosting
Up to five e-mail boxes
Redirect website email to your present e-mail box at your option.
Unlimited transactions, (first year)
X________________________________________ Developer: _____________ Date


X________________________________________       Client:  _____________ Date


This document may change from time to time at the sole discretion of Dukes Website Creation, please check back and make sure you understand the most current information.